Mar 27, 2012:

10:47 AM Ticket #112 (DNS infrastructure *.wleiden.net) created by rick
Running an authoritative DNS server AND HTTP proxy with only 64MB …
8:35 AM Ticket #111 (watchdogd voor sshd?) created by huub
Als om een of andere reden sshd niet meer draait kunnen we een node …
7:43 AM Ticket #110 (pen_wrapper enhancements) created by rick
1. Not probe the inet by default, but just the proxies reachability …
6:31 AM Ticket #109 (/var/pkg should be placed on permanent storage) created by rick
/var/pkg is a static db of installed packages which only changes if …
6:26 AM Ticket #108 (All logs should go via syslog) created by rick
Processes writing their own logfiles like wl-web wl-portal thttpd …

Mar 26, 2012:

8:29 AM Ticket #107 (check_inet_alive zou ook lvrouted kunnen checken) created by huub
Voor goed werken van de ileiden gateways is zowel internetverbinding …
8:24 AM Ticket #106 (geen automatische update van config files) created by huub
De node configuratiebestanden op sunny worden niet automatisch …

Mar 25, 2012:

3:37 PM NanoBSD edited by huub

Mar 22, 2012:

12:42 PM Ticket #105 (authorized_keys file is oude versie) created by huub
De authorized_keys file komt niet overeen met die op de huidige nodes …
10:13 AM Ticket #104 (if_mos driver niet 8.3) created by huub
De patch van de if_mos driver voor usb-lan adapter met MOS chip zit …
10:11 AM Ticket #103 (if_mos driver niet 9.0 factory) closed by huub
10:05 AM Ticket #103 (if_mos driver niet 9.0 factory) created by huub
De gepatchte driver voor de usb-lan adapters met MOS chip zit nog niet …

Mar 18, 2012:

4:25 PM Ticket #102 (In tinyproxy.conf moet 'listen' interface gedefinieerd worden) created by huub
Hoewel de commentaarregel in tinyproxy.conf stelt dat dit niet zo is, …

Mar 14, 2012:

8:06 PM Ticket #101 (motd niet correct) closed by huub
fixed: nee, gewoon config-image.sh gedraaid op de nodefabriek. Maar vandaag …
11:49 AM Ticket #101 (motd niet correct) created by huub
Op nodeimi zie ik als motd de gegevens van NodeLHS.
11:35 AM Ticket #100 (compass variabele in wleiden.yaml niet correct) created by huub
Ik krijg de indruk dat de nieuwe 'compass' variabele in wleiden.yaml …

Mar 12, 2012:

9:04 PM Ticket #91 (partities niet op track boundaries; geometry does not match label) closed by rick
9:00 PM Ticket #88 (dnsmasq.conf gebruikt ath0) closed by rick
8:59 PM Ticket #38 (Jail boot envirionment for node images) closed by rick
wontfix: ALIX board or chroot is fast enough.

Mar 10, 2012:

4:51 PM ConfigureBridge edited by rick
4:49 PM ConfigureBridge edited by rick
2:00 PM NanoBSD edited by huub

Mar 9, 2012:

10:37 AM ConfigureBridge edited by richardvm

Mar 8, 2012:

1:17 PM ConfigureBridge edited by rick
1:16 PM ConfigureBridge created by rick
1:13 PM WikiStart edited by rick

Mar 3, 2012:

3:49 PM Ticket #99 (met include.htm geen goed werkend captive portal) closed by huub
fixed: al lang opgelost
3:48 PM Ticket #95 (fout in startup script lvrouted) closed by huub
fixed: al lang verholpen

Feb 27, 2012:

9:30 AM WikiStart edited by huub
9:18 AM WikiStart edited by huub

Feb 26, 2012:

8:29 PM NanoBSD edited by huub
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