Dec 25, 2018:

3:26 PM Ticket #248 (captive portal forwarding naar sponsor) created by huub
De doorverwijzing naar de sponsorpagina werkt niet (meer) bij het …

Dec 19, 2018:

9:05 AM Ticket #247 (Checking for packages with security vulnerabilities: cron mail output ...) created by rick
Since we are post-removing files which are normally part of the …

Dec 18, 2018:

9:25 AM Ticket #246 (ssh stopt / moeizaam) created by huub
Op testnodes is nog nauwelijks inlog mogelijk; mogelijk gerelateerd …
9:23 AM Ticket #245 (nsd schrijft /tmp vol) created by huub
/tmp raakt vol door groot aantal nsd-xfr files bij test-nodes (SOM2, …

Nov 29, 2018:

9:18 PM Ticket #201 (/usr/local/bin/http302 - log access) closed by rick
wontfix: Nice to have, yet not missed for 6 years. Secondly do not bother …
9:15 PM Ticket #223 (motd mist bridges) closed by rick
8:42 PM Ticket #242 (Growing /var/mail/root) closed by rick
8:28 PM Ticket #241 (Cron <root@Houtmarkt> /tools/update-nsd-zones cron output) closed by rick
fixed: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- …
8:22 PM Ticket #232 (disable soft-updates on embedded image) closed by rick
wontfix: Will not use USB disks in nodes. APU nodes will have mSATA disks and …

Nov 28, 2018:

11:27 AM Ticket #244 (index.cgi: geen python meer) created by huub
wlweb/index.cgi werkt niet meer : geen python in 11.2-release. Laten …
11:22 AM Ticket #239 (LogLevel apache) closed by huub
fixed: staat nu op warn, dat scheelt een slok op een borrel. Ook de …
11:20 AM Ticket #240 (Cron <root@Houtmarkt> /tools/nameserver-shuffle cron errorlog) closed by huub
fixed: unbound.wleiden.conf ontbrak hier, na upgrade ==> 11.2
9:15 AM Ticket #243 (9MB /var space used by /var/db/pkg/) created by rick
Houtmarkt# du -h /var/db/pkg/ 8.5M /var/db/pkg/ /dev/md1 …
9:10 AM Ticket #242 (Growing /var/mail/root) created by rick
[…] and is not trimmed
9:09 AM Ticket #241 (Cron <root@Houtmarkt> /tools/update-nsd-zones cron output) created by rick
9:08 AM Ticket #240 (Cron <root@Houtmarkt> /tools/nameserver-shuffle cron errorlog) created by rick
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