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College student student Dennis Wagenaar has started his 'Wireless Leiden Heat map" project. The aim is to convert measurement data on network coverage in a map, similar to for instance this example.

When the web application is available volunteers can enter their data that will be included in the map. Measurement data can be collected by applications like Netstumbler, Kismet and possibly an Android application.

The map will offer several features:

  • Show where a good connection is available (e.g. for tourist who want to use the internet)
  • Measure and improve coverage of the network
  • Provide visual insight in trends and developments of the network and its organic growth.

The project is very complex and challenging in several ways:

  • The data sets are very big, measuring information very soon leads to a big bulk of data. Producing an attractive picture is not easy.
  • The representation in the web applicaiton must be simple and accessible in spite of the technical complexity of the system.
  • A plurality of equipment and measuring set ups must be accomodated.

Dennis will report on his progress during the course of the project at the volunteer meetings.

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Examples using the wleiden.csv and the methods described in onderzoeksrapport. Based on these the decision has been made to go with django_gheat.

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