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Testlocation Lebkov

The Lebkov location has been modified for a pilot with a 'UniFi Mesh Pro' accesspoint. We share the (new) antenna support structure with the test equipment for the
BioSciencePark-Project, see
Until the new node box is available the neighbouring node Lijtweg2 is used for handling user traffic.

In the new box we will test a number of modifications:
- Polycarbonaat (PC) box replaces the ABS that we have used up to now. PC is better UV-resistant than ABS.
- PCEngines APU2 board with 11.1-RELEASE software configuration. More CPU/RAM for a new FreeBSD-release and faster connections (Gbps).
- 48V-power supply because of new Ubiquity equipment requirements.
- 48V -> 12V en 48V -> 24V converters in the node box.
- 48V -> 24V converter outside the box