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June 2013

Wireless Leiden provides Internet during Olympic Festival

Volunteers of Wireless Leiden, in cooperation with AnyWi Technologies B.V., make WiFi-Internet available in the “Olympic Village” of the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF), in more than 1000 rooms in "de Uithof" and the International Campus of Utrecht University. The WiFi-network has to be installed and to be operational in just a few days, inclusive security and a monitoring system. Security is being provided by the 'eduroam' system by Surfnet.

Streaming video by Wireless Leiden

Wireless Leiden has successfully experimented with a "Wireless Event Kit", that can make streaming video reports of events. The kit has been tested at Asopos/De Vliet Regatta and at the Wielerdag van Zoeterwoude (Cycling Day of Zoeterwoude). In both cases a video report has been mede.These reports can be seen below.

Asopos/De Vliet Regatta

Cycling Day of Zoeterwoude

New node at "Jachthaven Stenhuis"

On Monday, June 17 Wireless Leiden has built two new nodes at "Jachthaven Stenhuis", on the "Westeinder" water. One node is located on the boat lift (see picture) and the other is located in the Western part of the grounds. Both nodes are operational.

A video report of the bullding operation can be seen below.

WiFi project Robijnhof evaluated

Wireless Leiden has realized some time ago WiFi in all community and service rooms in "verzorgingshuis Robijnhof". The effectiveness of the installation has been evaluated on June 19, 2013 by measuring the coverage in all the rooms that were included in the project.

Everywhere the reception of our WiFi was good or at least satisfactory. By making a few modifications and - if necessary - adding a few "repeaters" the reception wikk be good in all planned places.