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We are using passive PoE injectors and long ethernet cables.

Below a reference table for the voltages ranges and maximum power consumption of the hardware we use:

Item Low High Max Consumption
alix2d13 7V 20V 5.0W
NS5, M5, M2 9V 24V 8.0W
MS M2-Loco 9V 24V 5.5W
Bullet5M 10V 24V 6.0W
airCam 9V 24V 2.4W
apu1d4 12V 12V 12.0W
RB260GS 6V 31V 6.0W

Note that the measured power consumption of a standard node (1 Alix2D13, 4 nanostations) is between 20 and 25 W.

You want the Voltage to be as high as possible, causing your current to be as low. This in general makes transport over UTP wires more effient (higher voltage = less loss) and causes your adapters to work more effient (AC->DC adapters tend to be more effient and last longer if you keep the voltage as high as possible).

We aim to get between 18V-20V to our node, Make sure to keep track of your input voltage Calculate when using long cables.

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