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  • WiFi network will be phased out

    After 20 years the board of Wireless Leiden has decided to phase out the maintenance and management of the network.
    The reasons for this decision are:

    • The use of the Wireless Leiden network has strongly diminished;
    • (Free) high-quality access to the internet is nowadays almost everywhere available;
    • There are less volunteers for management and maintenance;
    • A major revamp of several old network nodes would be required to make them up to standard;
    • Lack of maintenance could potentially cause a dangerous situation.

    We intend to phase out the network gradually in consultation with the location owners. This implies that for each location a specific solution will be found. The equipment can be donated or will be removed. We plan to have solutions realized or defined before the end of 2022.

    For the coming years we intend to dissemenate the knowledge, documentation and activities that have been developed by Wireless Leiden. Notably the assembling, development, publishing and making avaible the knowledge of computer networks and wireless technologies. Including stimulating and initiating commercial activities in this area.

    The board is proud of the accomplishments of the many Wireless Leiden volunteers during the past 20 years.