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Ideas List

Over the years, the Wireless Leiden Project has built up a list of ideas for implementation work that seem like a good idea, but no hands are available as yet to do it. If you would like to contribute to the Wireless Leiden Project, you might peruse this list to get a sense of the kind of work available to do. Obviously, contributions are not limited to this list!

Please do contact us before starting on it though -- sometimes items remain on the list after they have been completed and sometimes they are just ideas, rather than a recipe for success. Searching our mailing list archives may turn up the discussions leading to ideas being put on the list. Frequently the initial goal would be to simply investigate the idea, rather than produce code. Many project ideas list contacts, who it is worth sending an e-mail. Otherwise (and perhaps as well), send e-mail to our techniek@ list.

Village Telco

Integration of Village Telco into a a Wireless Leiden like setup. Focusing on Mesh performance.

Location Based Services

Build Application which uses the Wireless Leiden Network as Location Based provider, allowing to publish location based services to the client without the need of an GPS like system. This could for example be used to enhance Leiden City Visitor Experience.

Network Event Kit 2.0

The Nekwork Event Kit made by the folks of the WifiSoft Foundation ( uses ethernet cables to connect the nodes. Could Wireless Links also be used to provide a stable backbone for the NEK?

Securing Open Networks

Wireless Leiden is an Open Network by design, which imposes potential threats and malware traffic, how-to detect and/or stop this behaviour running on embedded hardware? For example how could you detect the difference between legitimate HTTPS traffic and an SSH tunnel running over port 443.

Sensor Clouds

Which sensor networks could benefit from a high-bandwidth semi-central Wireless Network? One sensor network could be crowd control (city traffic), does the Wireless Network provide enough details to make predictions and assumptions.

Roaming over Wireless Leiden

Wireless Leiden is a layer3 (routed) network, how could you support roaming users in such an setup. Allowing them to stay connected throughout the range of the Wireless Network.

Multipath Source and Application based Routing

A Wireless Leiden network has 20 different edge connections to the Internet, each with their own characteristics and details, how can you route traffic to the right gateway?

FreeBSD Contributions

Ideas at the FreeBSD Wiki IdeasPage could also be useful for Wireless Leiden. The Wireless Leiden Network could be used for large scale testing.