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December 2015

NO walk-in consultancy on January 13, 2016

One of the volunteers who normally organise the walk-in consultancy is ill and the other has obligations elsewhere. Therefore no walk-in consultancy will be held on January 13, 2016. The next walk-in consultancy will be held on Wednesday January 27, 2016, 20.00 h to 21.00 h.

Internet near "Jongeren Ontmoetings Plaats" in Voorhout

At a request of the municipality of Teylingen, volunteers of Wireless Leiden have built, early in December 2015, access to the Internet near the Jongeren Ontmoetings Plaats (JOP; Youth Meeting Place) at the Sportlaan in Voorhout. The municipality believes that youngsters should have access to the Internet at any time and on any place, and this facility now exists near the JOP. Becaus the JOP is close to sport facilities, the Internet access can also be used there.

Report problems the easy way!

Wireless Leiden has made it easier for you to report possible problems with our network.
You now can send an email to Your report will then automatically generate a ticket in our new ticketing system, and this ticket will be sent to the right place immediately and handled there. You will also be kept informed of any relevant change in the status of your report.