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May 2013

Three new nodes built (one with a video report)!

Our volunteers have built three new nodes in the first half of May 2013:

- On "Zorgcentrum Robijnhof" a third node has been built. There were already two Wireless Leiden nodes on the building. The new node has among others a good working link to the Gorlaeus laboratory.

Now also Gmail and Outlook mail (Hotmail) via Wireless Leiden!

Not really a news item, but an interesting fact for our "mobile" users:
As you probably know already, you cannot download via Wireless Leiden your e-mail using the pop- or imap-protocol. In human language this means that e-mail programs like Outlook and Thunderbird do not work via Wireless Leiden.
However, you can use via Wireless Leiden webmail-services in your browser (Gmail, mail (formerly Hotmail), Yahoo! mail or the webmail of your internet service provider (ISP). This has to do with the security of out network and will remain so.